The Ninetieth aero squadron , American expeditionary forces

Editor : E. Harold Greist
Release Date  : 1920

THE 90th Aero Squadron was created by Special Order 104, Headquarters Kelley Field, South San Antonio, Texas, on September 25, 1917. The men in it were largely from two detachments; one from Vancouver Barracks, Washington, which arrived at Kelley Field August 18; another from Fort Leaven- worth, Kansas, which arrived August 25. Both of these detachments had been held from the date of their arrival until September 25 under Recruit Camp Headquarters as a Provisional Squadron. The day after the forming of the Squadron, September 26, 1917, under Special Order 119, Headquarters Kelley Field, Lieut. W. H. Y. Hackett took command. On September 28, Lieut. J. J. Livingston, M.R.C., with four enlisted men of the Medical Corps, were assigned to the 90th. Lieutenant Livingston has ever since been with the Squadron, save for the periods during which he was on detached service at hospitals.