CISA Review Manual 2013

Editor : Isaca
Date : 2013-01-17

The CISA Review Manual 2013 is a comprehensive reference guide to help individuals prepare for the CISA exam and understand the roles and responsibilities of an information systems (IS) auditor. The manual has been enhanced over the past editions and represents the most current, comprehensive, peer-reviewed IS audit, assurance, security and control resource available worldwide.

 The 2013 manual is organized to assist candidates in understanding essential concepts and studying the following job practice areas: 
The Process of Auditing Information Systems 
Governance and Management of IT 
Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation 
Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support 
Protection of Information Assets 
The CISA Review Manual 2013 also features an easy-to-use format. Each of the five chapters has been divided into two sections for focused study. Section one of each chapter contains the definitions and objectives for the five areas, as well as the corresponding tasks performed by IS auditors and knowledge statements (required to plan, manage and perform IS audits) that are tested on the exam. It also includes: 

A map of the relationship of each task to the knowledge statements 
A reference guide for the knowledge statements, including the relevant concepts and explanations 
References to specific content in section two for each knowledge statement 
Self-assessment questions and explanations of the answers 
Suggested resources for further study 
Section two of each chapter consists of reference material and content that supports the knowledge statements. The material enhances CISA candidates' knowledge and/or understanding when preparing for the CISA certifications exam. In addition, the CISA Review Manual 2013 includes the brief chapter summaries focused on the main topics and case studies to assist candidates in understanding current practices. Also included are definitions of terms most commonly found on the exam. 
This manual is excellent as a stand-alone document for individual study, as a guide or reference fir study groups and chapters conducting local review course, and it can also be used in conjunction with the CISA Review Questions, Answers, & Explanations Manual 2013 and the CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual 2013 Supplement. The manual also serves as an effective desk reference for IS auditors.